P.S.E.C provides a wide range of security solutions to all sectors. Our clients benefit from an outstanding solution and service experience in addition to strong project references.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Developed in response to the growing threats and malware against critical infrastructures nationwide . Our security platform is used to manage cyber security issues related to Government and intelligent agencies initiatives. it protects critical infrastructure against current and potential security threats and vulnerabilities using advanced technical systems.

Entreprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

PSEC offers EDW, a data center which collects and organizes data from multiple sources such as Open Source Intelligence, Social Media, Voice, Text, Internet Traffic, and more. The analytical system will process all the data collected to generate critical information for national security agencies and law enforcements.

Security Analytics Solution

We offer a powerful Security Investigative Analytics Solution and Systems essential for intelligence teams to prevent and solve crime faster by quickly revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data using video enhancement, face recognition, video analytics and more.

Digital and Cyber Forensics

Digital and cyber forensics in information security includes the identification, collection, analysis and reporting of any valuable digital information. presentation of facts in the digital devices which includes Mobile phones, PDA's, smart watches, printers, scanners, secondary storage media, biometric devices.

Integrated Video Surveillance System

The footage from Drones and CCTV allows exceptional image analysis to detect, identify and recognize suspects and unusual situations. All video surveillance equipment can be interconnected for you to get the utmost results through our Video Management Software which includes face recognition, recording and live video viewing. You can also connect car plate reader and long range cameras (up to 25km) to the system.

Information Technology Solutions (ICT)

We deliver complete solutions from design and engineering of:

  • Communication & Data Cabling Design Services
  • Support Infrastructure
  • Information Services
  • Network Security Design
  • Network Routing and Switching Design
  • Server Design
  • Storage Area Network Design
  • Scalable and redployable Datacenter solutions for critical application (UPS, Cooling, Cabling, Raised Floor, Firefighting)
  • Big Data Management and Data Analytics
  • Facility Deployment and management


We provide a full suite of telecommunications and transmission network solutions for large-scale critical applications in the public and private sector. We also provide network planning and design, with traffic forecasting and capacity planning to ensure the efficient and effective utilization of the planned network nodes.
Telecom site preparation a lot of planning needs to go into building a telecom site. Protection from lightning with proper earthing, use of top-quality cabling, building resilient concrete and steel structures, etc. We provide all the above as well as telecommunications towers and radio signal transmission networks for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs);
Telecom site security a great extent of investment goes into each and every site, therefore it is imperative that each site is protected from vandalism and theft. We provide a variety of fence protection systems, CCTV, access management (using a mix of biometric, access cards, high-security door locking mechanisms, etc.), fire detection and extinguishing systems, and more.

Facilities Management

Our team of experienced engineers will provide and implement all electromechanical & general maintenance works such as: panel boards,generators,low voltage,HVAC,industrial equipment and more.


We also deliver:

  • Body, luggage and cargo scans
  • Night vision
  • Anti riot equipment and systems
  • Jammers for VIP, back pack and more
  • All types of bollards
  • Speed radars: portable, fixed and car mounted
  • Complete outdoor/indoor shooting ranges

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